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Cardio Sucks! (Keep Reading...)

As 2022 comes to an end, there are a few things we need to prepare for. Goal setting this past year may have been a struggle. Some of you have CRUSHED IT! Others have felt like chickens running around with their head cut off. Believe it or not, that's okay too. But 2023 isn't about the "New Year New Me" vibes. It's about the same you, just more proactive and organized. Today's topic is cardio!

Tip of the day: Have fun!

Being active should NOT feel like a chore. If you're feeling overwhelmed and so intimidated by your routine, then something may need to change. This doesn't mean try a program for a few days to a week and give up because you don't like it. This isn't an excuse to bail on your training routine. The goal is to add things that make the process more enjoyable.

Cardio sucks!


You just haven't found a form of cardio that is enjoyable for you!

Long gone, are the days where the treadmill or stationary bike are your main options. You have so much more to choose from. Here are my top 3 cardio alternatives:

  1. Hill Sprints - A high intensity alternative that requires no equipment, and is always a challenge! Hill sprints are tasking. Intervals are life changing. Add this to your weekly routine and increase your endurance, explosiveness, neuromuscular development, overall strength and more!

  2. Punching Bag - If you have one at your disposal, I definitely recommend utilizing a punching bag for a fun cardiovascular challenge. Switch things up. Set rounds on a timer or punch count goals. There's so much potential and the benefits to Endurance and Strength Training are uncapped!

  3. Weight Sled Sprints - This is hands down one of my favorites! Put yourself to the test! Add some weight, set up, and takeoff! If you know me, you know I love my unilateral training. Weight sled sprints can greatly increase your unilateral lower body strength, making you more durable and explosive. Not only is this great for cardiovascular health, but it demands a great deal of participation from your shoulders, core, arms, and legs, making this a great addition to your routine!

As always, I want to thank you for reading along and I hope some of this helps you!

Stay focused and stay safe!

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