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The Art of Planning

Planning your workouts can be stressful. Believe it or not, there is a method to the madness! We all have some kind of goal in mind. Now let's talk about ways to make them more achievable.

Every step counts

This may sound obvious, but with our busy lifestyles and social media addictions, we tend to forget that this journey to better health is comprised of many little steps. I know it can be difficult keeping yourself motivated. Being unmotivated from time to time is OKAY! We are human and have our moments. The key is to not use that lack of motivation and drive as a crutch. I say this maybe a little too often, but DISCIPLINE is more important than motivation.

So what ways can we remind ourselves to focus on the bigger picture?

Set a series of short term goals. We all know this process is a marathon, not a sprint, but we can use these short term goals to build momentum along the way. Doing so won't necessarily take those uninspired days off your calendar right away, but it will help boost your mood and productivity.

What kind of short term goals, you ask?

You can obviously aim for a new PR. But let's take this a step further. Let's say your usual routines consist of bilateral movements. Challenge yourself to work unilaterally. You can correct muscle imbalances and improve your overall strength. Did I mention by fighting to stabilize you'll be forcing yourself to work harder? Who doesn't want more effective gains?

Be in competition with yourself

I apologize if I seem like I'm repeating myself here, but YOU are your biggest competition. The person you were last year, last month, last week, even last night, is fundamentally different than who you are in the present moment. Any starting point is still a starting point. So maintain your stat-tracking journal and focus on the numbers that matter the most.

When I say be in competition with yourself, that doesn't mean to go easy and set a relaxed pace for yourself because YOU would give yourself, leeway. This is vital if you're serious about your fitness journey. Make it fun, but take yourself seriously. Set realistic yet difficult goals to reach. Don't too long to achieve a goal of adding 10 lbs to your bench press. Also, don't go straight to throwing 50lbs on there either. Know the happy medium, calculate, and most importantly, listen to your body!

Keep your circle strong

This one goes without saying, but here I am adding it to the list. If you don't have friends to link up with, don't be discouraged! Yes like every other industry, the fitness industry can be a toxic place, but it can also be one of the most accepting and supportive industries if you're looking in the right places and have a can-do attitude. Don't be afraid to ask a trainer questions, or look for group session programs where you cannot only expand your knowledge, but meet new people who share a common interest. We all start somewhere and that's nothing to be ashamed of, so stay strong and keep your best foot forward!

Trouble socializing? Having an experienced, driven, yet empathetic online trainer (virtual trainer) can be a game changer for you.

Maybe you live a busy lifestyle or work difficult schedules. Don’t underestimate how effective having an online trainer can be. You can reap the benefits of wider interaction window. Coach calls are specifically scheduled to work on your goals rather than group sessions that turn out to be cookie cutter to fit multiple fitness levels.

Either way, whatever you decide to choose, plan things a goal at a time and enjoy the process!

Have fun and stay safe.

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