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Newbies Welcome! Guide to Fitness *Part 2*

You're ready to make a change! You've gotten your basic equipment and/or gym membership, some sick gym fits, and new headphones! So what's next?

While passion has led you here, the rest lies solely on your actions. Everyone you've had conversations with speaks about how they've come far from where they first started. Yet here you are sitting and wondering how they actually got from 0 to 1. Well let's talk about that!

Zero to One

When we start off, we all catch ourselves checking out our abs after a set of crunches, or flex after some bicep curls expecting to see some huge gains. PLEASE don't be discouraged if you are not content with what you see just yet. One week of work will not show as much as one year. So the goals is consistency. Don't let those moments rob you of your long term goal.

Starting from zero may be intimidating. We tend to be overly cautious and tread too lightly to the point we're barely moving, or we go too far too fast risking injury and discomfort. So how do we go from zero to one? Here's a list to help you get the ball rolling!

1. mental & physical barriers

You have to know the difference between the two. I've trained individuals who had their mind set on their rep range as the cap to their physical ability. When I notice this habit, I throw curveballs. Next session, I'll take away rep ranges altogether and have them perform reps under a time clock. Doing so helps break through their mental barrier.

The rep range is meant to be a guide. If it's too easy, up the weight or lower your pace. Challenge yourself to be better and don't become a slave to the rep range. Our mind is extremely powerful and this can have positive and negative effects on your gains. If you believe you will fail, you're more likely to fail. If you believe you will succeed, you will have a better chance to succeed. Get out of your head, get in your zone!

2. Improve food relationships

I will be crystal clear here, I am not a licensed dietician or nutritionist. My profession is Strength & Conditioning Training, BUT, one common thing I've witnessed in my field, is people decide to take on way too much at one time. You've taken the first steps and are focused on your health, that's a great start! Being too restrictive when dieting more often than not causes relapse and can have more negative effects on your fitness journey than anything. I also speak from personal experience, as I've been guilty of this in the past.

Instead, ease yourself into your new lifestyle. If your goal was to cut out meat, don't just jump into a 100% vegan lifestyle. Slowly cut out foods. Same for sugars or any other foods you'd like to cut out. (Unless recommended by your physician)

I'm not saying it's impossible to do it this way, I'm just giving my opinion on how it can make the transition more tolerable and enjoyable. Taking care of your health shouldn't feel like a chore that you dread having to do each day. So rather than thinking of it as dieting, try referring to it as improving your relationship with food.

3.Rest is a necessity

I know you're excited to be getting things done. Your adrenaline pumps and you feel alive and at your peak! It's a wonderful thing, but if you're not careful, it can lead to burnout! This is not to get confused with muscle soreness, so make sure you listen to your body. There's no reason for you to be working out 7 days a week for 2 hours a day if you haven't stepped foot in the gym in years. Heed caution and pay attention to signs of overtraining.

Being out for 1 day of rest is way better than weeks or months of discomfort due to carelessness that caused an injury. Not to mention the setback of missing out and not being mobile for so long. So be smart, don't ego lift, and keep longevity and good form at the top of your priority list!

just have Fun!

This is the takeaway I want you all to have from all of my blogs. Working out shouldn't be a chore. As kids, we ran wild, played sports, and enjoyed minimal entertainment. As adults, too many of us see this as taboo. We prioritize these "all work, no-play" lifestyles as if it's healthy. I feel we all need to get back to that childhood wonder at times. Go play a sport or game that you enjoyed in your youth and bring back the nostalgia. Enjoy the little things in life! This type of grateful, youthfulness is what keeps us young at heart, mind, and spirit. Fun is not just reserved for children.

Don't ever lose sight of that!

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