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Trainers, Embrace!

This Blog post is dedicated

to my fellow fitness professionals!

We are competitive by nature. Many of us have faced and defeated obesity. We deal with our demons the only way we know how. By not quitting, and showing up to better ourselves. Still, the ever-growing industry of Health and Wellness throws us curveballs. At the end of the day, adaptation is what we live by. But where do you stand?

Fact of the matter is, we would love to help everyone we come across that needs it, but Personal Trainers aren't "One Size Fits All". It's something many trainers won't admit, in fear of losing a potential client. In a way I can't blame them. We're in this for the thrill, but also to make money right?

I personally have turned down clients for multiple reasons. Yes, I could've taken their interest and business. I could've cashed out and maybe it would've worked out for them goal wise. BUT, I will happily refer them to one of my Trainer buddies if I feel they would be a better fit for their programming rather than mine.

I know, it sounds counterproductive, and seems like I'm taking potential money out of my own pocket but hear me out for a moment. One situation, I had someone interested in bodybuilding and power lifting. I loved their enthusiasm. But a friend of mine has seen the stage. They specialize in powerlifting and Olympic liftin techniques. My niche is longevity. It's quite the opposite, and is a strong belief I stand by.

I've dealt with 5 herniated discs from a car accident and can't, with a clean conscience, assign spine compressing routines for short term gains that may potentially incapacitate my client. I wouldn't pretend to specialize in Olympic lifting. I don't have interest in Olympic lifting, though I give those who do so much respect because it takes a lot of dedication and coordination to perform safely.

As much as us trainers hate to admit, we do have to have somewhat of a target demographic when it comes down to training our clients. You wouldn't go to a cardiologist for ankle sprain. You wouldn't seek out a physical therapist for the flu. Same reason you wouldn't want to have a specialized Yoga Instructor as a Strength & Conditioning Coach (Assuming they don't have multiple Specialties).

I actually get judged because as a trainer, because I don't want to be a licensed nutritionist. It's just not something I have interest in. Yes, I'm aware that gains are made in the kitchen. I understand calorie deficits. I am also constantly learning, but still rather highlight my Strength & Conditioning, and Corrective Exercise skills, rather than claiming to be a "One Stop Shop" for fitness. These are qualities that helped me create my own business and drives me as a Personal Trainer every single day. The empathy I have for others and the standard I hold myself to morally, define what VTA Fitness is all about.

Since breaking into the industry I've witnessed some deep toxicity and ego driven ignorance, but I've also witnessed some of the most supportive, hard working and down to earth people I've come across in general. It infuriates me to see how judgmental people can be of someone who's in great shape at the gym making things happen. They've crunched numbers, fought through obstacles, and came out on top, only to be rewarded with weak puns and negative imagery.

(For Example: The Lunk Alarms at Planet Fitness)

It equally grinds my gears to see people who are fit, making fun of someone who got off their ass to hit the gym in the first place, rather than approaching and educating them on a safer lift technique. Would you laugh at your brand new client who's never dabbled in personal training services just because their form was off? No, you'd go broke and would have to flip burgers to cover your gym membership fees. We have to be better!

In conclusion, I just wanted to thank my fellow trainers out there who share this mindset and understanding. in a sense, we are competition, but that doesn't mean we can't grow, learn from one another, and enjoy what other trainers have to offer. Support each other more rather than picking apart everything people work for. The world has enough disconnection as is. Let's continue to promote positivity and growth!

Train Hard, Train Different.

Bring Your Vision To Action

VTA Fitness

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