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The "Write" Insight

Before venturing off into the path of a Strength & Conditioning Specialist, I dabbled in music and creative writing. As a ghostwriter, it was my job to build client relationships, take on projects for a fee with tight deadlines, all while not receiving any credit for the work completed. I knew what I was getting into and made a decent amount of money doing it, so you won't hear any complaints from me! Still, something was missing. I worked in a hospital and over time, realized just how much I loved helping others. Having come across many at their worst, I noticed how impactful making a connection with people was to me, more so, what it meant to them. It was these very experiences that inspired me to create "The Write Insight". I won't go boring you with too many details about my past just yet. There will be plenty of time for that later on!

As a Fitness Professional, we're tasked with many challenging situations. From a client's perspective, sometimes it seems like a simple "Workout, lose weight, repeat" cycle. I've seen many trainers make blind promises and leave their client disappointed. Even worse, unmotivated. "But how did this plan work for them and not me?". "What's wrong with me?" I see it often. Simply put, everyone is different. Yes, some people may have genetic advantage, but lifestyle choice plays a bigger role in most cases. Anyone can lift weights and put them down. That's a fact! But without the right understanding of your own strengths, weaknesses, and physical limitations, you're journey will be more strenuous than it should be.

I myself, have tried many major scaled workout routines, from celebrity programs to virtually streamed group sessions. Some of them, I thoroughly enjoyed, others didn't work for me. Not because I gave up, but because at the time, my physical limitations didn't allow me to progress the way I could have. Today, as a Strength & Conditioning Specialist, I personally write out workout plans with these very same situations in mind. Doing so allows my clients to achieve their goals more effectively. It may not be within the same short time span that other plans and trainers have promised, but it will be concise and articulated specifically for your gains. The main goal is to avoid acute injury and maintain durability throughout the process.

Now this isn't a blog aimed to promote a selling point. This is my mission statement. This is what I am about and what you can expect to be brought to the table:

Honesty, empathy, and a true understanding of what your goals are!

I hope you all enjoy my training, tips and blogs. I look forward to being a part of bringing your "Vision to Action!" I also look forward to putting out more content. Not all blogs will have to do with my mission statement and my work. We will be discussing some fun stuff! Until next time, stay focused and stay resilient my friends!

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