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Newbie's Welcome! Guide to Fitness *Part 1*

You're new to fitness but unsure where to begin. Worry no more my friend! Let's talk about it.

There are many common misconceptions in the fitness world. One being that you just need to run to lose weight. Granted this may be effective, but there's a smarter way to go about this. Strength Training and becoming familiar with weightlifting can be a great benefit on your journey to better health. Pair that with daily routine changes like walking more, and you're cooking with the recipe of greatness!

But where do we begin?

If you're too intimidated by gyms and feel more comfortable starting at home, that's fine. Don't beat yourself up over it. Every step you take is a step in the right direction. Let's talk equipment though. What versatile equipment will you get the most out of for the best bang for your buck? Here's a list of my top 5 great starter items to help you get things going.

1. Dumbbells

You can't go wrong with a nice set of dumbbells. Many people (including myself when I started), aim for a nice cheap barbell/bench combo, but your range of motion working chest days with dumbbells will be WAY more beneficial. While using a barbell makes it easier to increase or decrease work loads and make balance during lifts easier, it can be a bit on the expensive side if you're just starting, and dumbbells can be more versatile for other muscle groups. ALSO, I write about this a lot and praise it in person all the time, but UNILATERAL TRAINING!!!

Reap those benefits and correct muscle imbalances/asymmetry, while reducing your risk of injury. This stuff works, and will make you work!

2. Bench

Yes, I know I just said a barbell/bench combo may not be the first thing to get, but once you have the dumbbell set, this will add more opportunity for variety in your workouts. Granted you can do lying chest presses with dumbbells on the floor, but with a bench handy, you can now add flys on chest day. Now you have the opportunity to hit rear delt flys or lying dumbbell rows to fire up those lats! Variety is the spice of life, and you're going to experience it once you throw a bench in the mix!

3. Medicine Ball/slam Ball

You probably didn't expect this to make my list! So many people overlook medicine balls/slam balls, but if used right, you will be opening up a door to some SERIOUS gains!

I am a big fan of Med. Ball Halos, Wall tosses, and more. The explosiveness works wonders and adds some edge to your routine. Medicine Ball exercises are a great way to improve your cardio and full body strength. It's not just about abs.

4. Barefoot sneakers

I didn't know about barefoot sneakers when I first started but they do they make a difference! The sneakers we wear on a day to day basis can really harm our feet. You want to aim for a wider toe box to reduce the likelihood of bunions or plantar fasciitis, and other injuries.

Wearing good quality barefoot shoes will help your weight distribution while lifting. Our everyday shoes of choice limit our toe, foot, and ankle mobility which has negative affects on our overall foot strength and even our posture! My advice would be to take the transition from regular shoes to barefoot shoes slowly, and ease yourself into it rather than going from 0-100 percent of the time.

5. Cardio equipment

I decided to be a little vague on the title for this one, due to the fact that their are many great options to choose from on a budget.

  • Jump Rope

  • Resistance Parachute

  • Cones

  • Weight sled

All of the items mentioned above would be an amazing addition to your fitness journey arsenal! One of the best things about them, are all you need is a park close by.

I like to include hiking, or outdoor cardio using the equipment listed as a way to not only get a great workout, but get some fresh air as well.

BONUS ITEM: Resistance Bands!

It should've made my list! But resistance bands are one of the best things to incorporate for overall strength and conditioning!

I truly hope this list helps you if you're just starting out and feel overwhelmed or unsure about where to begin. Feel free to reach out for more advice or topics you would like me to write about in future blogs!

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