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It's a new day!

What will you do with it?

When I set out to become a Personal Trainer, I had so much more in mind then just working out. Before I even wrote it down, I knew, deep down, that in order to make the impact on someone's life to the magnitude I felt was possible, there had to be more. I, myself, had to be better. So began my journey!


In search for a better mindset and understanding as to how I can help others, I made a little sacrifice. Little by little I replaced music I was listening to while driving to run errands, with Podcasts. Before you cut me off here, just listen a moment. I have NEVER been a fan of listening to Podcasts! I mean, I got hooked by a couple murder mystery types but felt some of the inspirational stuff was forced and unentertaining. What switched gears for me, is when I came across recorded seminars and speeches from Jim Rohn, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kobe Bryant, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, just to namedrop a few. Listening to their stories and their experiences changed my whole mindset. I've been doing things wrong for awhile and wasn't aware of it.

Now before I get judged for "following" routes of others, just remember this.

"You are who you surround yourself with"

That being said, I had grown up and lived my whole life up until adulthood with no role models. I grew up in New York where not one of my family members even owned their own homes. Wealth was a pipe dream. Health, I learned on my own. I don't even remember the last time my Uncles, Aunts, or parents for that matter, worked out or hit the gym. I was surrounded by people that didn't necessarily value their health. Planted in a culture where high blood pressure and diabetes run rampant, not due to genetics, but due to lifestyle choices and eating habits passed on by generation to generation.

We were told to clear our plates, or we're ungrateful. We ate with less emphasis on vegetables and fruit, and more on meats and starchy carbs, often over-salted. My parents bought sweets that were cheaply made with high amounts of sugar, and other overly processed foods. I'm grateful that I was able to not starve, but the lifestyle had me overweight for most of my life until I took control for myself.

I took my gift of writing and started jotting down my goals. Long-term, short-term, lateral routes taken that I can build off of rather than just seeing progression as a straight line, I did it all. It wasn't until then that I realized one of my long-term goals. I want to open my own fitness recreational facility one day. Before writing my plans out, that honestly wasn't within my scope of thinking. It's crazy how we can just write something down and build off of it.


So let's work on MANIFESTATION today!

Go grab a pen and pad. Don't just type it on your laptop or notes on your phone. Let's knock out this Manifestation To-Do List:

  • Write down how you feel where you are now? Mentally, physically, even geographically.

  • Write what you can do to make a positive change to each feeling.

  • Now, think 5 years into the future. What do you desire? What will you accomplish?

  • Now, let's add 5 more years. 10 years from today, where can you see yourself?

I know it's difficult trying to see the future, so just think of it this way. Find your idol. For me, I chose Dwayne Johnson. His story amazes me! To go from $7 in your pocket, with odds against you, to becoming the number one actor in Hollywood, owning/founding a production company, earning endorsements and partnerships with top brands, all while staying humble and grateful, it's a beautiful thing!

Now, I have no desire for going Hollywood, but I do take some things from my own experiences and from people I respect and look up to and make them my own. If I can't surround myself with mentors and great people directly, then why not study those who came up and made unbelievable gains for themselves, and add that formula to my own experiences to grow? This is more than fitness, this is everyday life I'm referring to.

At the end of the day, we all crave success and happiness. Some of us have a different definition for the two. For me, work/life balance is a big deal. I want to continue to watch my kids grow, and build a solid foundation for my family by being present. My father didn't have that choice or opportunity. My family didn't have that prior knowledge. To build generational wealth and enjoy family is my motivator. To help others reach their fitness goals and live a happy life to their definition, is my motivator. I say it all the time, but it's so much more that fitness here!

Let's build! Let's stay humble. Let's make things happen!


"A vision without action, is merely a dream.

Action without vision just passes the time.

Vision with action, can change the world!"

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