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Headphones Vs. Environment- What's Your Take?

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

The sound of Success!

There are two types of people in the gym. The person who thrives off of music for that extra push, and those who use the clanging of the weights and sounds of others putting in work as motivation. Well, there's also the person who left their headphones at home or forgot to charge them, and is walking on the brink of insanity listening to the mediocrity their gym spews through their loud speaker, but that's another story.

So which one are you?

This one is tricky for me. This week I dreaded going to the gym without my music. I couldn't find my Bose headphones case, they weren't charged last time I had them, and I almost missed my workout over it. Eventually I mustered up the courage and drive to get going.

When I arrived at the gym I was a little timid. I don't usually like small talk during my workouts. I like to hone in and show up with tunnel vision, where only my goals are in sight. It was this day that I realized, I do much better without music! Maybe it's my competitive nature, or just my drive from hearing and seeing others go after their goals. I'm pretty humble and I don't show off or anything so it's definitely not about ego.

I actually sat in my car after my workout and thought about the difference it made and how. I always praised how having a workout partner to vibe off of can be a catalyst to ignite the fire within us. Feeding off someone else's energy and pushing through your own self doubt is such a liberating feeling. The question I have, as a fellow introvert, is, can a slight change in perspective have that same affect and push us to do more?

It can be so easy to get intimidated by the physique of others, or by their battle cry grunting while they lift. But take a step outside of that mindset for a moment. Let's see this from a different angle. Purposely leave your headphones at home today. Show up to the gym with a goal in mind. When you're lifting, stare at your reflection and study your form closely. Listen to the sound of the weights clanging. Listen to your breath as you inhale and exhale through your repetitions. Listen to the sound of others struggling, pushing, and fighting for each set completion. Fully Immerse yourself in this ecosystem that is, the iron jungle, and bring out the beast that can tear apart anything in its way. It's there, you just haven't dove deep enough to find it. You don't have to bring someone with you to the gym to feed off the energy of another, and push passed your mental blocks.

Let me know if this works out for you. I'd love to hear your take.

Keep working hard everybody!

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